EVENT (E1/3): “Design and social habits. Housing as a health manager” in Warsaw (Poland)

ADDITIONAL EVENT ORGANISED WITH THE GRANT THAT WUT (PL) RECEIVED FOR E1. The third Polish multiplier event (E1C3 Multiplier Event) was held in Warsaw (Poland) ONLINE and was organised by WUT in cooperation with the Project Management Group Academy, Datacomp (IT company, project Partner) and BuildingSmart (BIM and innovations professional association). The event was organised for beneficiaries interested in the project results and gathered 68 participants (representatives of the construction industry, universities and local authorities), 5 of which from the organising institution itself. External participants included representatives of the project target groups: construction companies, from small ones, such as APA, to large ones, such as Mostostal Warszawa; universities, such as the University of Wrocław; professional associations, such as PZPB – (Polish Association of Construction Entrepreneurs); investors (GDDKIA – General Directorate of Public Roads and Motorways), designers/developers (such as Gleeds), and IT companies, such as AEC Design. Results presented: Full – IO1 – EXHIBITION OF COMMON LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR METHODOLOGIES RELATING ARCHITECTURE WITH HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES Partially – IO2 – BIMhealthy EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Partially – IO3 – BIMhealthy OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE

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