EVENT E3: Second training day for the promotion of health. Conference for the promotion of healthy housing as a habitat model for Primary Health Care Nursing professionals.

Following the completion of the development of the BIMhealthy Syllabus and the selection of the different control parameters for the BIM tool, a training day was organised for family and community nursing interns, in which the available scientific evidence on housing and other factors as social determinants of health was addressed. As indicators for the quality control of the products and development of the project, a survey was provided to the attendees. This third multiplier event has served as a presentation of the BIMhealthy project to professionals of the health sector in Spain and as an official presentation of the IO1 corresponding to “Exposure of common learning outcomes for methodologies linking housing with health and social services” developed in the project. The aim of this event is to gather information from the attendees, experts in nursing in different fields of the health sector. Once the project research had been carried out, the different methodologies established were analysed and discussed, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their adaptation to the current situation and needs that society demands in terms of health and housing. The comments, sensations and feedback from the experts were used and implemented to elaborate a methodology to be applied to future courses and contents. Special attention was paid to the debate on the different determinants that relate health and housing, with the organisation of a round table that covered the main theme of the project. Experts from the sector attended this event and participated in the round table. In terms of the number of attendees, the total number of attendees at the third multiplier event of the E3 project “Second training day for the promotion of health. Housing as a social determinant of health for future specialists in Family and Community Nursing” was 10 external people and 6 project participants. At the end of the interventions foreseen in the agenda, a survey was given to the attendees in order to obtain feedback based on the experience, to be able to implement improvements and, if necessary, to reorient the results of the project for future tasks.

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