EVENT E6: International Seminar on “Interactive Methodology for the learning of the BIMhealthy tool applied to the construction sector” in Brasov (Romania)

Due to COVID, the event was organised by UNITBv on a face-to-face basis on 24.11.2021. Participants interested in building design and public health from local/national companies and medical clinics from Brasov and also UNITBv participants, gathered at the R&D Institute of the Transylvania University of Brasov, where interesting topics connecting BIM technologies, building design and human health were presented and discussed. In total, 43 experts gathered, 22 external and 21 from UNITBV. The event was well received by the participants, the discussions on the presented topics and their future development and implementation in the educational and professional sector lasted more than an hour. The conclusions of the event were the following – the influence that buildings have on human health represents an important factor that must be in the design of buildings; – new technologies, such as BIM, can be a real help in the design of buildings, but they must be available to building professionals, a deficient aspect at the moment in Romania, but which can be corrected in the future by developing and adapting the curriculum to the needs of the labour market; – the development of open access educational platforms, where interested parties can find information, modules and calculation examples, such as the BIMHealthy project, is a real help, especially for students.

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