EVENT E7: Final International Seminar on “BIMhealthy Educational Tool” in Murcia (Spain)

Organised by UCAM, this seminar will be used as a final validation of the project results, i.e. for final improvements of the BIMhealthy learning materials and the OER, and will establish the starting point of the educational platform beyond the project. Expert feedback will be used to establish a methodology for future courses and content. The event will focus on housing, health and energy efficiency, organising round tables with attendees from the different professional profiles addressed in the project, to analyse the different topics. UCAM will be the host, but all project participants will attend to consolidate the latest improvements to BIMhealthy. The consortium will evaluate the quality of the project results, their dissemination and impacts. This seminar will coincide with the last international meeting that will take place in Murcia, in order to optimise the partners’ travel expenses. Experts from the construction and health sectors will attend the event to evaluate the project, as well as an audience of students, teachers and professionals from the sector. The final conclusions of the event will help to refine the final details of the project and focus its dissemination. 51 attendees, including 6 interns.

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